3 Things: An update involving Supporter Status, Trump Masks, and a heaping truck load of DRAMA.

2017-11-23 00:34:53 by BraydogNG

Here's an update for those staggering 2 people that may care.


1. I'm a supporter now thanks to @Tykwa ! The reason? No idea. But boy am I thankful! Everyone follow him/her/it now...or else. On a similar note, with this upgrade that lasts from whenever November 8th was to December 8th, I've decided to change my name from BoxerBraydog to BraydogNG! So for that one other person that wanted the name BoxerBraydog, congrats!

2. Halloween was fun. I went out as the worlds fattest bigot! ( https://www.dropbox.com/s/m9gqj6chblqre94/File%20Nov%2001%2C%201%2035%2006%20PM.jpeg?dl=0 ) Good ole' Trumpy!

3. The chat is down and there's a lot of Drama going around about it. Stories from @DanielTheManiel , @Dre , and a few others have confused me in ways I can't express. Expect an albatross of a news post coming soon regarding this quasi dateline episode.

Anyway that's it. Merry Thanksgiving.




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2017-11-23 00:53:19

you know, the chat has been down for a while and tom hasn't made a post on it. i wonder why...

BraydogNG responds:



2017-11-23 01:10:24

First, congrats on supporter, second, nice costume, That OK sign you were making was also amusing.
And lastly,
"Oh hey a news post mentioning me, and oh hey it's not trying to "expose" me, and OH HEY it's something I want to read." - My mind when I read this.

BraydogNG responds:

Yeah. I'm trying to make news posts that are actually engaging. Hope I'm succeeding.


2017-11-23 08:11:40


BraydogNG responds: