3 Things: Returning, Music, and Reccomemdations

2018-02-19 01:25:26 by BraydogNG

I'm back from the dead...

1. Yes, like the XFL, I've returned with the hopes that I can last more than one year before completely disappearing once more. Expect more or less of the same exact crap I've done before.

2. I released an LP titled "Braydog Presses A Bunch of Buttons And Calls It Music". I love what I did with the title...and I'm sure you will too. I've compiled a list for your endless enjoyment here. Here's the album cover-


3. Recommendations for this week don't exist because I haven't yet checked out any submissions.

SUBSCRIPTIONS: @DanielTheManiel 

If you would like to be added to the Subscriptions Tagline, just give me (your money) a shout and I'll add you...

I'm betting Daniel would not in the slightest bit be surprised by my return...



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2018-02-19 12:10:02

"I should make long news posts like I used to."
Also you bet correctly, I am not surprised.
Glad to hear you haven't been eaten by killer clouds or the grass though.